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Thanks for reading these 100+ great tips for your first trip to Europe on my new site!

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  1. What a wonderful — and comprehensive — list you’ve compiled! I’m trying to think of just one tip to add, but can’t think of anything. Well done!

    • If anything comes to mind, let me know! The last one of my four children to visit Europe for the first time is headed there for six weeks starting at the end of May. This post will be a prerequisite for her! 🙂

      • I’ve just re-read your list, and the only possible addition I can conjure applies to all travel, really. My husband and I have this saying that, “At some point the trip you’ve planned becomes the trip you’re on.” That is to say, no matter how meticulously you might plan there’s always a chance that the last bus of the day to Mont St. Michel will inexplicably be cancelled, or that someone will sprain an ankle, or that an Icelandic volcano will erupt. And at that point you’ll face a choice: Will you let this unexpected wrinkle ruin your trip? Or will you be resourceful — and either find a work-around, or make the best of it? (Our work-around to the Mont St Michel bus problem, by the way, was a taxi ride. It cost twice as much as we’d planned to spend, but it also got us there twice as fast, so we were still able to tour the abbey before it closed for the day.)

      • That is BRILLIANT advice! And isn’t Mont St Michel totally deserving of it’s “Wonder of the World” status?

      • TOTALLY deserving. It’s unlike any place I’ve ever been — and it was such a privilege to spend the night there! I really must do a blog post about that sometime. 😉

  2. As an Englishman and a European with many friends from the USA could I just add that the best tip (from my observations) would be to say please just slow down. There is so much to see and savour. You will see a great deal more if you plan to see less.

    • I’m glad to add an Englishman and European’s perspective, and I agree completely! That sentiment is behind both Tip #1 Focus your itinerary and even Tip #65 Don’t expect to rush through dinner. Thanks for adding your thoughts!


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