February 29, 2020

Leap Day 2020

When I started ShutterbugSage.com back in 2012 as a 365 challenge, my goal was to take and post a photo a day for a year. After all, if you want to improve a skill, the only way to do it is to roll up your sleeves and try (and try) and try again.

Perhaps it’s because my oldest daughter is all grown up and getting married next weekend. Or maybe it’s because I spent the whole weekend at a dance competition watching my youngest daughter leap and turn on stage. But this leap year, my first thought was about the leap year photos I took with my kids when I started this blog.

My oldest daughter back in 2012 leaping and leaping so I could practice getting this shot.
Holy cow, eight years can sure fly by fast! My youngest is now 13, so she was a kindergartner when I took this photo!

With the three “Bigs” all grown up and out of the house, my youngest and I ultimately ended up chatting about this frog.

About a year ago, we took a quick weekend trip to the gorgeous Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. After exploring the massive French-inspired castle built by the Vanderbilt family, we strolled through the gardens. This guy caught our eye swimming through the water, but what was especially cool was when he leaped up onto this lily pad and his bumpy skin slowly morphed from an unimpressive brown to a bright green in order to match his new surroundings.

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  1. I wish I had the discipline to get out every day, or every week would be good, great post.

    • I did it every day for one year (back in 2012) and it was a super fantastic experience. Not sure I could do it again, though. I think what’s important is for you to pick a skill you want to develop and a cadence that is best for you and then kill it. I know folks that do a photo a day on Instagram. I know folks who write a full-on blog post each week. And I know folks who set a goal of visiting one museum a month for a year. It’s your life, YOU make the rules that work for you! ❤

  2. Time vanishes into history all too quickly…. But memories are precious,,, 🤩😊


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