29 Days to Go:  ADay.org I had less than 15 minutes to get outside and take photos today.  This is what I could capture on the road across the street from my hotel in that amount of time:  palm trees and a yacht. You Might Also Enjoy: Ducks in a Row Shipwrecked

I love hay bales to the point of possibly needing a 12-step recovery program.  They just speak to me, even when peeking out from behind an old, whitewashed fence. If you know what I mean, you might enjoy this recent photo, as well. UPDATE January 25, 2012 At Lindy’s suggestion, here is the same photo […]

Perhaps it is my love of impressionist paintings, like Claude Monet’s Haystacks, or my city-dweller’s fascination with the country, but I have a thing for hay bales.  While I live in a major metropolitan area, I’m fortunate that I live on the outskirts where my daily experience allows me to take in scenes like this.

I spotted this amazing dog mural somewhere between Washington Square and the ten miles I wandered through San Francisco one slightly sunny day last August.  Pretty cool, huh? On Today’s Date in the Past: Hay Bales Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA Prayer Requests One Thing, Three Ways:  Bridges of Lake Lenexa  

After 324 steps up a narrow, spiral staircase, I was rewarded with an amazing view of Frankfurt and the Main River below from the top of St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral in the old section of Frankfurt. On Today’s Date in the Past: One Thing, Three Ways:  Rose on Grand Miami:  Clearly I’m Not Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA Any More […]