While I’d much rather photograph Amsterdam’s canals in Spring, Summer, or Fall, they’re still awfully darn pretty in the Winter with no leaves on the trees. On Today’s Date in the Past: One Thing, Three Ways:  Getting Gigi Ready Salt & Pepper You Might Also Enjoy: Other Canal Posts Other Amsterdam Posts

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Settled as a small fishing village in the late 12th century, Amsterdam grew into one of the most important ports in the world by the 17th century.  During this time, when immigration was at its peak, the Amsterdam canal system was created. I must have taken a thousand photos of the canals of Amsterdam.  Here […]

I find Amsterdam absolutely gorgeous any time it’s not raining.  I’m okay with overcast.  I find an equal amount of beauty present in winter, spring, summer, and fall.  Even a little drizzle is okay.  It is just such a beautiful place that brings back such warm childhood memories. You Might Also Enjoy: Wordless Wednesday:  London […]