Last week my alma mater played in the Fiesta Bowl.  Although the game turned out better for fellow photoblogger Tux over at Through My Lens 365 — since she lives in Oregon and all — I do have some fun pictures to share.  And they really don’t have anything to do with the Fiesta Bowl. My college roommate […]

As I started to title today’s post “Busy as a Bee” a little voice in the back of my head had déjà vu.  After a little site searching, I found this entry from the end of April.  I think I’ve improved my skills a bit in the past four months. What do you think?  Do you have […]

While I’m not super happy to see all of these holes in the morning glory leaves on the trellis in the back yard, I did think these beetles were pretty cool looking. You Might Also Enjoy: Grasshopper Dragonfly

At the beginning of the 1900s, wagons like this one at the Big Horn County Historical Museum in Hardin, Montana were used to harvest sugar beets.  It was a very manual process.  The farmer would drive a team of horses pulling an implement called a “puller” through the rows of sugar beets to dig them […]

After spending what seemed like an hour trying to capture the bees buzzing around my blooming herb garden, I had a deeper appreciate for the expression “busy as a bee.”  Good grief!  It took an amazing amount of effort to position myself, frame up the shot, focus on the bee, and pull the trigger before the […]