When you travel to London for fun, you get to walk around Parliament at a leisurely pace and take as many shots of Big Ben as you like.  When you travel to London for work, you have five seconds to snap one of the most prominent symbols of the City.  From the car taking you […]

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Although the temperatures are still relentlessly hot, Ben and I headed out for a trail walk around Nelson Island under what’s left of the shriveled up trees this past weekend.  I shot these photos of him as we left the trail to peer down at the Kansas River from the top of the bluff. What […]

I walked past this empty bench in the River Market and felt compelled to snap a pic.  I don’t know that this tells any fantastic story or that the photo is super interesting, but I liked the textures, colors, and evening light. You Might Also Enjoy: Union Station, Kansas City Project 52, Week 10:  Looking […]