UPDATE: Please see updated information about Yellowstone on my new blog, Everyday Wanderer. Okay, last bison photo, I promise! On Today’s Date in the Past: Peek-a-Boo Leaves More Dragonflies Crab  

While we were checking out the geysers in the Lower Geyser Basin, this bison trotted up the boardwalk among the visitors and then stepped off the wooden walkway to pose near the Red Spouter. On Today’s Date in the Past: Some Kind of Duck at Lake Lenexa California’s Most Photogenic Ground Squirrel

As the summer temperatures kick in and with his winter coat still shedding, this guy was hilarious rolling around in the dirt like my dog does after an outdoor bath

Another shot of the same baby bison, but this time with the rest of the herd nearby. On Today’s Date in the Past: Putting the Boots to ALS:  5K Run/Walk  

So stinkin’ cute! (Don’t worry, I kept my 25 yard distance and Mom was watching me from nearby…) On Today’s Date in the Past: Little Ham Cousins