The Point Bonita Lighthouse is only open for three hours each Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  If you have a chance to visit it during these limited hours, you’ll walk through a hand-dug tunnel and across a suspension bridge (the only one in the United States that leads to a lighthouse) to see the second oldest […]

Established in 1855, the Point Bonita Lighthouse was the second lighthouse on the Pacific Coast of the United States.  (The first was the lighthouse on Alcatraz.)  Although it’s only open nine hours a week, the Point Bonita Lighthouse is one of the lesser known sights of San Francisco.  While I was lucky enough to see the […]

Harbor seals live along the Pacific Coast, from the Bering Sea to Baja.  Within the San Francisco Bay, there are only nine “haul out” spots where seals rest, breed, and molt.  Point Bonita Cove has been a popular spot for harbor seals for over a century, and it is estimated about 150 seals live here […]

Four years ago, I started this blog as a 365 project.  I pushed myself to take and post a photo a day throughout 2012 in order to make time to pursue a hobby that interested me.  There were some days without posts in 2015.  Okay, sometimes it was longer than that.  Yes, I’m looking at […]

“The ruins of old military bunkers, batteries and other defensive structures are scattered throughout the Marin Headlands. Most of them are in a state of abandon and disrepair, crumbling, falling down, and covered with the graffiti of a modern world that no longer remembers why these buildings were here.” ~ Mill Valley Patch, November 12, 2012 […]