A million years ago, when I was still in college, my last residence was about a block from Manhattan’s Sunset Zoo.  I remember it as a small zoo with a few animals, mostly those who couldn’t survive on their own in the wild due to minor injury.  What a delight it was to visit the […]

The last place I lived when I was a college student at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas (back in a year that started with a 1) was near the Sunset Zoo. My long, mind-clearing walks would often take me through the zoo which was not much more than some native birds and a bobcat or two. […]

I kinda wish I’d had this photo available to post up for Valentine’s Day…

From their pencil-thin legs to their long, flexible necks, I find flamingos fascinating.  Of course, I also like pink… On Today’s Date in the Past: Buddy Approaching Full Moon Wishes DO Come True