My oldest daughter, Gigi, has become quite an artist.  I love this shot of her painting in a field of wildflowers near our house.    

Here’s another shot from last Sunday’s studio shoot with a local Meet Up group.  This time, I bring you my lovely daughter, Gigi, in a very “high fashion” shot. You Might Also Enjoy: One Thing, Three Ways:  Studio Shots Other Studio Shoot Posts

During the Meet Up studio shoot last Sunday, the lovely woman who owns vintage online clothes store ReDoux Fashions that provided the clothes for the models suggested we sneak outside for a few shots.  Here is my daughter in a dress, coat, shoes, and jewlery from ReDoux Fashions. Close:  A full-length shot of my daughter modeling several […]

My oldest daughter, Gigi, attended a photography Meet Up with me yesterday.  I learned a bunch about shooting in a studio and lighting while she posed as a model.  We both had so much fun, met some great people, and learned a ton. Here are three of my favorite shots of Gigi in hair and make-up. […]

We adopted this bunny from my youngest daughter’s preschool this past summer.  Her cage had been upstairs in my daughter’s room, but we recently moved her to the main level in a more central location where she’s more involved with our family.  She seems to be much happier with the new arrangement.     You […]