The Point Bonita Lighthouse is supposed to be one of the surprise gems of the Bay Area.  However, it’s only open a total of just over ten hours a week.  Walking to the entrance still offered lovely views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the entrance itself looks like a life-sized gnome home.  After seeing […]

As the sun started setting on our trail walk, and our tour of the mysterious gnome homes drew to a close, we encountered this cozy home where the elfin inhabitants appeared to be preparing to sip a nice cuppa tea by candlelight. Learn More: Crowds Drawn to Small Door in a Tree at SF’s Golden […]

Deep in the woods of suburbia, gnomes appear to sometimes suffer from “Keeping up with the Joneses.”  Not to be outdone by the Gnome Home with a Red Door, the Gnome Home with a Purple Door includes a balcony and burlap bag with note paper that visitors can use to leave a message for the […]

Of the five gnome homes along the Tomahawk Creek Trail in Overland Park, Kansas, this is probably my favorite. Learn More: Crowds Drawn to Small Door in a Tree at SF’s Golden Gate Park Mystery Gnome Homes Appear Along Trail in Kansas You Might Also Enjoy: One Thing, Three Ways:  Gnome Tree House One Thing, […]

You may have heard about the mysterious little door the appeared at the base of a tree in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park last spring.  After drawing curious visitors to the park and making international headlines, park officials ordered that the door be removed.  It must have taken the wee elfin creatures several months to […]