When not actively feeding, harbor seals will “haul out” onto rocks or shore to rest.  Onshore time is important to the seal’s well being, and they can be reluctant to haul out if humans are nearby.  Most coastal areas in California post signs advising people about how to behave when seals are nearby. On Today’s […]

Harbor seals live along the Pacific Coast, from the Bering Sea to Baja.  Within the San Francisco Bay, there are only nine “haul out” spots where seals rest, breed, and molt.  Point Bonita Cove has been a popular spot for harbor seals for over a century, and it is estimated about 150 seals live here […]

We encountered soooooo many harbor seals on our hike at Point Lobos.  Here are three of my favorites.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below? Harbor Seal Photo #1.  Catching a nap on a rock. Harbor Seal Photo #2.  “Smiling” for the camera. Harbor Seal Photo #3.  Ugh!  It’s the chick with […]

I can’t believe that the Twinners are going to be seniors this coming school year.  Here’s a “behind the scenes” shot from Gigi’s senior photo shoot.  My son’s session is later in August. On Today’s Date in the Past: Hotel Zaza One Thing, Three Ways:  Harbor Seals