When I was in San Francisco the week before Thanksgiving, I was greeted with characteristically sunny, clear days.  My excitement to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge  before dark was quickly crushed when I arrived at Fort Point on a Wednesday and only then remembered that they aren’t open during the week. Fortunately, I was still […]

Red-tailed hawks help maintain the rodent and rabbit population.  I wish I’d seen more red-tailed hawks around my garden with all of the rabbits this year! Click on any image to enlarge

While hiking on Strawberry Hill, an island in the middle of Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park, we spotted this red tail hawk thanks to some other photographers who had tripods set up.  Mama hawk was a high in a tree about 50 feet away from her nest, possibly to distract a particularly obnoxious jay […]

The good thing about walking around taking photos in a snow storm with rapidly dropping temperatures is that all of the animals seem to be moving a bit slower.  Take this hawk, for example.  In all of my attempts last year, I could never get a good, clear shot of a bird of prey.  My […]

The last place I lived when I was a college student at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas (back in a year that started with a 1) was near the Sunset Zoo. My long, mind-clearing walks would often take me through the zoo which was not much more than some native birds and a bobcat or two. […]