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Horses pulling buggies are a part of the Country Club Plaza year-round.  I used this shot to continue to work on my Photoshop skills, learning more about increasing the focus on the primary subject by blurring the background.  I have also learned that the tips and tricks within Photoshop to do something like this can be […]

If you come across an unusual name in Lexington, Kentucky, chances are it has to do with a race horse.  Arkle, Buckpasser, and Funny Cide are just a few examples of street names or conference room names you might encounter.  Therefore, I thought it was appropriate to share this image of a race horse statue in […]

I am an American who was lucky enough to spend about half of my formative childhood years living in Europe and traveling extensively throughout the gorgeous continent. I’ve been able to return to Europe regularly since then, both for work and for pleasure. If you’re one of the 12 million Americans who is headed to […]