…are there hitching posts on a golf course. You Might Also Enjoy: Other Lexington Posts Other Horse Posts

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Horses pulling buggies are a part of the Country Club Plaza year-round.  I used this shot to continue to work on my Photoshop skills, learning more about increasing the focus on the primary subject by blurring the background.  I have also learned that the tips and tricks within Photoshop to do something like this can be […]

If you come across an unusual name in Lexington, Kentucky, chances are it has to do with a race horse.  Arkle, Buckpasser, and Funny Cide are just a few examples of street names or conference room names you might encounter.  Therefore, I thought it was appropriate to share this image of a race horse statue in […]

In September 2017, I stopped adding content to this website in order to launch a travel blog, Everyday Wanderer. While that’s going strong (and even with Instagram) I sometimes miss the simplicity of posting just one photo each day with a little narrative. So, I’ve decided to start adding content to Shutterbug Sage once again. […]