Love locks are padlocks affixed to a bridge or other public structure by lovers to symbolize their everlasting love.  Along the Seine in Paris, the Pont de Notre Dame and Pont des Arts are two bridges peppered with these locks. What do you think?  Do you have a favorite photo below? Pont de Notre Dame […]

On this visit to Notre Dame, I tried to capture the beautiful, old church from a fresh perspective. What do you think?  Any feedback for me?  Do you have a favorite shot below? Notre Dame Photo #1.  A view of the cathedral from the walkway down by the Seine. Notre Dame Photo #2.  A shot […]

I am an American who was lucky enough to spend about half of my formative childhood years living in Europe and traveling extensively throughout the gorgeous continent. I’ve been able to return to Europe regularly since then, both for work and for pleasure. If you’re one of the 12 million Americans who is headed to […]

Sadly, we arrived at the Nelson-Atkins Museum too late to take our Belgian exchange student on a tour of the works inside, but there is still a lot to see on the exterior grounds of the museum.  As we strolled along the tree-lined walkways, we marveled at the shuttlecocks and giggled when we noticed that someone […]

Hagia Sophia was originally a Christian cathedral, first Eastern Orthodox and then Roman Catholic, until it was converted to a mosque in 1453. When it was completed in 537, the Hagia Sophia (which means “Holy Wisdom) was the largest cathedral in the world.  It retained that honor for 1,000 years until the Seville Cathedral was completed in […]