While taking down our existing fence to make way for the new fence, I found myself looking eye to eye with this tiny spider in a knot hole.

In honor of Halloween, here is a photo of a big spider that plopped down right in front of me on a trail walk at Lake Lenexa the other day.  He was about the size of a quarter or Euro, and was busy spinning a very elaborate web.  Good thing I’m not afraid of spiders. […]

Full of droplets from the fog, I snapped this spider web on one of the bridges crossing the Maas River on my last morning in Maastricht. Warning to fellow photoblogger Wanna Be:  this photo is free of any creepy crawlies that give you the willies, but do NOT click on any of the “You Might […]

While trying to capture the morning glories in bloom in the morning, I came across this guy on their leaves. You Might Also Enjoy: Shoo, Fly! Cool Flying Bug Busy as a Bee

Believe me when I say that my better half and oldest daughter would have screamed like girls if they’d been with me when I shot this.  Actually, I guess one of them is a girl… I was able to capture this spider spinning her web on part of a bridge.  It took a lot of […]