From crocus to iris, signs of spring were everywhere at the Powell last month. What do you think?  Do you have a favorite photo below? Signs of Spring Photo #1.  I’m pretty sure these are a type of crocus. Signs of Spring Photo #2.  Same here. Signs of Spring Photo #3.  I love the deep purple […]

Nothing says spring in “tornado alley” like a hail storm… On Today’s Date in the Past: Maybe My Twin Sister Will Save Me? New Pointe Shoes

With beautiful St. Patrick’s Church in the background, this is what spring looked like during a recent trip to San Francisco during a brief walk through the Yerba Buena Gardens. On Today’s Date in the Past: Skinny Rule #19:  Sleep Right Loose Park on Prom Night You Might Also Enjoy: Other Church Posts Other Spring […]

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I am so over winter.  And snow.  Good grief, can it please be spring already?!?!  I took this shot as the icy layer of our most recent six to eight inches fell on Sunday.  I’d be much happier if the snow melted away into spring. You Might Also Enjoy: Other Winter Posts Other Spring Posts […]