More proof that Starbucks is out to take over the world.  There is one right outside Queen Elizabeth II’s home at Windsor Castle and one right through the gates of the Tower of London.  If only I could find a latte right now as I sit here early in the morning in Paris waiting to […]

I love tea, especially green tea.  It’s full of antioxidants.  It helps keep my metabolism running high as I get old and the pounds are harder to keep off my hips, thighs, and middle.  But unlike my European friends who prefer their tea hot, I like mine over ice. As one of many perks, my […]

Rule #2 of  The Skinny Rules is don’t drink your calories.  Beyond the caramel latte I sip each morning, the only other calories I regularly drink are skim milk with dinner and a glass of wine at bedtime.  (It’s for my heart health.)  During the day I drink plenty of water, occasionally mixing it up with […]

I’m not a morning person.  At all.  But my morning latte, courtesy of my Tassimo, makes it all better. Several bloggers are inviting each other out for a virtual cup of coffee by answering questions.  I would normally politely decline, but since Wanna Be invited me, and she’s become like a third little sister to […]

The town of Windsor has a population of 26,000, including her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II whose official residence is in Windsor Castle.  Speaking of the Queen, this is the view she sees when she leaves the castle by car, a quaint English street full of souvenir shops and Western chains like Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and […]