Behind this statue is Castelo de São Jorge, Castle of São Jorge, a Moorish, hilltop castle in Lisbon, Portual overlooking the Tagus River.  While I didn’t get a chance to get any closer to the medieval structure, it still looked impressive from this angle. On Today’s Date in the Past: Cactus and Contrast The Country Club […]

The Windsor Castle is a medieval castle set on 13 acres in the town of Windsor, about 30 miles west of London.  The castle is the largest inhabited castle in the world and is the longest-occupied palace in Europe.  More than 500 people live and work in Windsor Castle where Queen Elizabeth is increasingly in […]

I realize I’m dating myself, but I cannot read, hear, or say the words “Tower of London” without hearing Neil Tennant’s voice (Pet Shop Boys) singing the lyrics to their hit song from the 80s.  Too bad they didn’t perform that song at the Olympics earlier this year, instead of West End Girls, so more […]

With a part of the medieval Tower of London in the foreground and “The Gherkin” in the background, this shot is truly a mix of ancient and modern worlds. You Might Also Enjoy: London:  Starbucks at the Tower of London The Gherkin

More proof that Starbucks is out to take over the world.  There is one right outside Queen Elizabeth II’s home at Windsor Castle and one right through the gates of the Tower of London.  If only I could find a latte right now as I sit here early in the morning in Paris waiting to […]