Whether they’ve signed up for a 52 week themed project or are taking a photo a day for a 365 project (more accurately 366 project thanks to Leap Year), there are some amazing photographers sharing some gorgeous photos.  I feel like I’ve learned a lot in these past three months and keep dreaming of a week […]

We interrupt A Ridiculous Number of Bridge Photos to bring you this week’s Project 52 photo.  This week’s theme was “Up on a Shelf.”  After wandering through my house looking at all of my shelf options, I found myself in my living room torn between my wine rack and a large collection of books.  I […]

This week’s 52 Week Photo Project theme is “My Lucky Something.”  I am not a superstitious person, and was having a hard time thinking up an idea for this week’s submission.  But then the kids and I were at an outdoor shopping area and the youngest one was asking for a coin to toss into the big fountain in […]

This week’s 52 Week Photo Project theme is Looking Up.  I managed to snap three photos in support of this theme this week that I liked. Looking Up #1:  The stairs at the Main Kansas City Library. Looking Up #2:  The stairs at H&M on the Country Club Plaza. Looking Up #3:  Along the Country […]

This week’s 52 Week Photo Project theme is Abstract.  I had ten minutes to think about and snap my photo submission, so I did a close up of this wire bathtub thingy I keep extra hand towels folded up in on the counter of my half bath.  You Might Also Enjoy: Project 52, Week 8:  […]

This week’s 52 Week Photo Project theme is Laughter.  Not surprisingly, most of the photos submitted so far show a person (or a pet) laughing.  I wanted something different, something more, but was really struggling, especially after  my kids models all declined to let me use them for this week’s project. Then I read about […]

This week’s 52 Week Photo Project theme is Laughter.  While this subject seems more straightforward than Song/Movie theme, for example, what I’m struggling with is coming up with a photo of laughter that really tells a story.  I want to capture a moment that really tickles your heart and makes you want to laugh, too.  I welcome […]