According to the Vereniging Officiele Coffeeshops Maastricht (VOCM), there were 31 coffee shops in Maastricht in 1993, a population that dropped to 16 in 2006.  A law that went into effect this past spring in three southern border provinces — including Limburg where Maastricht is located — has essentially closed all of the coffee houses […]

No, not THAT kind of red light in the Netherlands. One of the things I loved most about living in the Netherlands was the entire parallel universe of roadways exclusively for bicycles throughout the entire country. You Might Also Enjoy: Other Bicycle Posts Other Netherlands Posts

The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in continental Europe.  A population of roughly 17 million resides in an area smaller than the state of Connecticut.  (Just as a point of comparison, Connecticut has less than 4 million residents.)  Not surprisingly, it’s possible to drive the length of the country in about […]

Perhaps because they’re associated with gnomes and other mystical creatures, I had no idea that red toadstools with white spots were actually real.  Until I saw some in the Netherlands.  I was actually on a mission to visit something else during my drive from Amsterdam to Maastricht.  It turned out to be a bit of […]

While I love my country deeply, I fear that the people running the place have lost their common sense.  We live in an environment where stores mandate identification checks of everyone who purchases alcohol, even those with grey hair and wrinkles.  Our country allows young men and women to join the armed forces at the […]