I hope you are enjoying my photos from Paris, because over the course of the two weeks I was in France, I took thousands of shots.  I’ve already posted nearly two week’s worth of images on this site.  On the flight home yesterday, I spent eight hours sorting through the images, organizing and prepping just […]

While Leonardo DaVinci may have enjoyed secret passageways that connected King Francois I‘s castle to his home at Clos Luce so he could travel between the two places unnoticed, we had to use the cobblestone streets.  At least our journey included a view of this gorgeous, half-timbered house, this beautiful window, and the cool, old […]

Complementing more than 100 fountains located throughout the metropolitan area, Kansas City also has a large number of beautiful outdoor sculptures.  I’ve established this page as part of my site as I work my way through photographing as many Kansas City sculptures as possible.  As I am able to capture a sculpture, I’ll link to the […]