This is the bird — I think it’s a Steller’s Jay — that kept taunting mama hawk at Golden Gate Park.

While hiking on Strawberry Hill, an island in the middle of Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park, we spotted this red tail hawk thanks to some other photographers who had tripods set up.  Mama hawk was a high in a tree about 50 feet away from her nest, possibly to distract a particularly obnoxious jay […]

The Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park was originally built as part of the the 1894 World’s Fair.  At the end of the fair, Makoto Hagiwara, a Japanese immigrant and gardener, worked to convert the temporary exhibit into a permanent part of the Park.  He added cherry trees, native plants and birds, […]

When I visited the Japanese Tea Garden for the first time last August, I mistakenly thought there were two pagodas in the garden.  However, I now understand that these shots are actually of an ornate temple gate that leads to a single pagoda in the serene garden.  Unfortunately, the temple gate has been cordoned off for renovations both […]

I feel like I’ve talked about the Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park in my other posts, so without further ado, here are three more photos of one of my favorite spots in the City by the Bay. What about you?  Do you have a favorite photo below? Japanese Tea Garden Photo #1.  Oh, […]