You’ve seen the barn by Lake Lenexa in March before things greened up from last winter and in May at sunset.  Here it is in winter with snow on the ground. What do you think?  Do you have a favorite shot of the barn, March, May, or Snow? You Might Also Enjoy: Barn by Lake […]

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I was in such a hurry to take  Randy Roberts up on his kind offer to look at this deer pic the other day that I overlooked posting these photos taken a few days earlier.  Since these were taken before I got all the great feedback from all of you, I haven’t had a chance to put […]

I encountered this frog on a recent walk at Lake Lenexa. You Might Also Enjoy: Creepy Crawlies I Went All the Way to Miami…

Hundreds of these Johnson County “standard issue” bridges can be found throughout the County, along all of the walking trails and at all of the parks.  I just don’t seem to grow tired of snapping their pic.  I hope none of you are growing tired of seeing them on my blog.  This may be a […]