Just like the story of the Ugly Duckling, this “tween” cruising the Maas River is no longer a cygnet and not yet a beautiful, white swan. You Might Also Enjoy: One Thing, Three Ways:  Old City Wall in Maastricht London:  Swan

It was so exciting to come across this blog post by Annie Bananie which showcased not just her shots from the same October wedding in Maastricht I experienced a few weeks ago, but some short videos as well.  Be sure to scroll down to the second half of her post and watch at least one of […]

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As the fog lifted and the day warmed up to an unseasonably comfortable temperature, businesses and residences both opened windows on a lazy Sunday in late October. You Might Also Enjoy: Maastricht:  Riding Along the Maas on a Foggy Morning Paris:  Window in Paris October Flowers

According to the Vereniging Officiele Coffeeshops Maastricht (VOCM), there were 31 coffee shops in Maastricht in 1993, a population that dropped to 16 in 2006.  A law that went into effect this past spring in three southern border provinces — including Limburg where Maastricht is located — has essentially closed all of the coffee houses […]