When I posted this shot of a cool, old building in Columbus, Montana a few days ago, fellow photoblogger, Cindy from Photos from the Loonybin left a comment asking to see more of the building.  The shot I posted was one of the only ones I took, but fortunately I had a chance to return to the […]

This old grain elevator in Columbus, Montana looks a lot different from the ones I see Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA that tend to be white cement-looking structures instead of silver-sided structures like this one. You Might Also Enjoy: Old Building in Columbus, Montana Old Barn in Columbus, Montana

Although I’ve tried, I’ve been unable to find detailed history of this building in Columbus, Montana that sits parallel to the railway tracks.  My mother-in-law tells me it used to be a blacksmith shop back in the day.  I’ve also heard it suggested that it used to be an old stage coach stop.  All I […]

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There are few places I’d rather visit during the summer than my Beloved’s home state of Montana.  The days are sunny and warm (but not hot) and the evenings cool off to lovely light jacket temperatures.  The scenery is beautiful, and my in-laws are delightful to be around. After several months of anticipation, it was […]