Sadly, we arrived at the Nelson-Atkins Museum too late to take our Belgian exchange student on a tour of the works inside, but there is still a lot to see on the exterior grounds of the museum.  As we strolled along the tree-lined walkways, we marveled at the shuttlecocks and giggled when we noticed that someone […]

As a friend recently asked, “What is it about December that brings out the ‘year in review recaps’ and ‘predictions’ in all of us?”  I don’t know the answer, but I do feel myself being sucked in.  Because the “A to Z” series I incorporated into my 365+1 photo blogging project has been so well received, I thought I’d […]

In addition to his Rush Hour  piece in the sculpture garden at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, pop artist George Segal also has Chance Meeting on display. While Segal started his art career as a painter, he is most known for his life-size figures usually modeled from people close to him.  For example, the woman in heels […]

I can’t recall the name of this piece in the hallway of the Bloch Building at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, but it was an awfully cool piece with fluorescent orange paint applied to one side of white, geometric shapes of varying designs and then affixed to a white wall. You Might Also Enjoy: Other […]

This work of acrylic and glitter on paper affixed to unstretched canvas on display at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is an amazing elegy to the Civil Rights Movement.  And after recently reading The Help, an emotional connection to that period of American history was top-of-mind. You can hear what the experts at the Nelson-Atkins […]