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I can’t recall if it’s the red “A” line or the yellow “1” line, but one of them rises above ground for a bit as the metro travels eastward.  As the train rises from beneath the streets of Paris, l’Arc de Triomphe is visible at the end of the track where the rider’s line of […]

I left for Paris on Saturday, August 26th.  Taking advantage of the long daylight hours in the evenings after my business meetings and while enjoying a few days of personal travel after my work week in our Paris office, I took thousands of photos.  After selecting just the ones I thought had the most potential, […]

On our last night in Paris (about a month ago), my Better Half and I walked along the Seine, from Notre Dame to the Louvre.  The sun was starting to set, and I did my best to try to capture the moment.  I think it’s nearly impossible to take something that is breathtakingly beautiful all […]

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