I realize I’m dating myself, but I cannot read, hear, or say the words “Tower of London” without hearing Neil Tennant’s voice (Pet Shop Boys) singing the lyrics to their hit song from the 80s.  Too bad they didn’t perform that song at the Olympics earlier this year, instead of West End Girls, so more […]

The Tower Bridge, that crosses the Thames River by the Tower of London, is sometimes confused with the London Bridge which is the next bridge upstream.  Originally painted a greenish-blue color, the bridge was painted in its current red, white, and blue color palette in 1977 for Queen Elizabeth II’s silver jubilee. What do you […]

With a part of the medieval Tower of London in the foreground and “The Gherkin” in the background, this shot is truly a mix of ancient and modern worlds. You Might Also Enjoy: London:  Starbucks at the Tower of London The Gherkin

Throughout the course of history, there have been several London Bridges that have spanned the Thames River in central London.  The current bridge opened in 1973 and is constructed of concrete and steel.  The first London Bridge was a timber bridge built by the Roman founders of London. You Might Also Enjoy: London:  Keep Calm […]

We interrupt a ridiculous number of photos taken in France earlier this month with a post from a lazy, Sunday morning taken at the end of the month.  We kicked of this beautiful, early fall morning with bacon Gouda breakfast sandwiches and our favorite beverages on the patio at Starbucks.  As the cups sat there, they […]