No trip to the zoo would be complete without stalking some birds with my camera.  Here are three different bird photos from the Kansas City Zoo.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below? Bird Photo #1.  I believe that this gorgeous bird is a starling, a song bird that is part of the […]

With mothers who were later diagnosed with feline immunodeficiency virus, these guys were neutered as young cubs to ensure they don’t pass the condition along to offspring.  Because they were so young when it happened, these males didn’t develop the thick, gorgeous manes that usually separate the males from females. Here are three photos of the […]

Merino sheep are primarily bred for their soft, crimped wool.  It was easy to appreciate their wool as long and thick as it was during the Kansas City winter.

Lorikeets are small parrots found throughout the Australasian region. They like to eat flower nectar and soft fruit.  They are probably the most colorful creatures we saw at the zoo!  

The Kansas City Zoo is set up in sections that focus on the native continents and countries of the animals.  Here are some photos from a recent trip “down under” to Australia and New Guinea. Kangaroos roam freely in the Australia section of the zoo.  Usually they hang out in a large, grassy area where […]