As a friend recently asked, “What is it about December that brings out the ‘year in review recaps’ and ‘predictions’ in all of us?”  I don’t know the answer, but I do feel myself being sucked in.  Because the “A to Z” series I incorporated into my 365+1 photo blogging project has been so well received, I thought I’d […]

Back in April, as the grey of winter was dissolving into the green of spring, I snapped this heart-shape in a tree on a trail walk.  This is what it looks like as the grey of winter is once again upon us. You Might Also Enjoy: Hearts One Thing, Three Ways:  Exterior of Chateau de […]

The Chateau Royal de Blois has four distinct wings around a single courtyard, each one corresponding to a distinct period and style:  Gothic, Flamboyant, Renaissance, and Classicism.  The 19th and 20th Century restorations complete the architectural history of the castle. What do you think?  Do you have a favorite shot below? Chateau Royal de Blois […]

There wasn’t really any detail about the dining room at Chateau d’Usse in the handout at the castle, but I thought it was one of the prettiest we saw in the Loire Valley.  I really love the butter-yellow walls with white trim, cranberry accents, and crystal chandelier. You Might Also Enjoy: Chateau de Villandry:  Dining […]

Legend has it that the Chateau d’Usse was the inspiration for Charles Perrault’s tale of Sleeping Beauty.  Today the spiral stairs of the towers allow you to peek in on rooms decorated from scenes from the story. I’m not super pleased with these exterior shots of Chateau d’Usse.  My inexperience behind the camera and lack […]