An eland is a type of antelope found in eastern and southern Africa On Today’s Date in the Past: January 2013 Wrap-Up January Wrap-Up 

If you have visited Alcatraz, the island penitentiary about a mile off the coast of San Francisco, you might have heard a tour guide talk about how painful it was for the inmates to see and hear the sounds of San Francisco just out of reach.  When I last toured Alcatraz, I experienced what the guard […]

I am still trying to get the rest of the photos I took in July up on the site so I can fully embrace all that is August.  Here are some shots I wanted to share from a recent walk at Ironwoods Park after a disappointing early morning attempt to shoot a barn. What do […]

There are so many talented photographers out there — amateurs and professionals alike — sharing a photo a day in 2012 that it shouldn’t surprise me that my original Favorite “Year of Pics” Photos from A to Z post remains one of my most viewed posts.  So without further ado, here is take two! Here […]

Whether they’ve signed up for a 52 week themed project or are taking a photo a day for a 365 project (more accurately 366 project thanks to Leap Year), there are some amazing photographers sharing some gorgeous photos.  I feel like I’ve learned a lot in these past three months and keep dreaming of a week […]