My ride from London to Amsterdam… You Might Also Enjoy: Leaving Louisiana Pitstop in Phoenix My Ride Home Montana:  Getting There

The very talented Victoria Judy recently shared this post from her 365 Project site as she returned home from vacation.  I was thinking about her shot as I boarded the plane from New Orleans headed back to the Middle of America where it inspired this shot from 20,000 feet.  Or whatever altitude we were at when […]

While waiting many hours for my delayed flight home from Phoenix, I watched this airplane pit stop in motion. You Might Also Enjoy: Hotel Valley Ho Turtle Dove in a Palm Tree Nest Solar Eclipse

Proof that business travel is never as fun as it sounds to the non-business traveler:  all I managed to capture in two days in Dallas was my menu at dinner and my ride home.  My fellow photoblogger, Photobach, was able to capture a better image of Dallas from Europe than I was able to from Texas.  […]