If you’ve never had the chance to visit the Netherlands, let me give you the best advice you’ll ever get:  try the frites.  Be sure to get them with mayonnaise (it’s not like American mayo) and curry (it’s not like Indian curry).  They are simply awesome!  Or, as the Dutch say, lekker! You Might Also […]

My ride from London to Amsterdam… You Might Also Enjoy: Leaving Louisiana Pitstop in Phoenix My Ride Home Montana:  Getting There

The trip to Paris was a bit hectic.  It took four hours longer than it should  have to get to New York.  Once there, my co-workers and I had to collect our suitcases and boxes of work items, drag them out to the curb, and take a cab across New York to Kennedy airport.  Since […]

There are few places I’d rather visit during the summer than my Beloved’s home state of Montana.  The days are sunny and warm (but not hot) and the evenings cool off to lovely light jacket temperatures.  The scenery is beautiful, and my in-laws are delightful to be around. After several months of anticipation, it was […]

Proof that business travel is never as fun as it sounds to the non-business traveler:  all I managed to capture in two days in Dallas was my menu at dinner and my ride home.  My fellow photoblogger, Photobach, was able to capture a better image of Dallas from Europe than I was able to from Texas.  […]