A few photos from year’s past… “Lock of Love” at Shawnee Mission Park Stars and stripes forever On Today’s Date in the Past: Red, White, Blue…and Delicious! Stars and Stripes

In honor of today’s congressional primary election in my home state (even though I took this shot back on the 4th of July)…

While it has an unfortunate number of warts, I love my country. ¬†Nothing makes me swell with pride like seeing the stars and stripes fluttering majestically in the wind. ¬†Happy Birthday, America! You Might Also Enjoy: Locks of Love Memorial Day Welcome Home, World War II Veterans Red, White, Blue…and Delicious!

I interrupt a ridiculous number of photos from my third business trip to Europe in the past two months to bring you this timely photo from Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA… You Might Also Enjoy: Red, White, Blue…and Delicious! Memorial Day Welcome Home, World War II Veterans