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My daughter left a box of stuffed animals sitting on a table in my home office.  While working from home, I looked over and saw that Sasha and Lila had crawled into the box to sleep, reminding me of ET in the closet. In other news, we also got a new kitty tunnel that Canyon […]

I try to only post one cat photo a week, but at the risk of looking like a crazy cat lady, here is another photo of one of our foster kittens, Sandy.  I love how sweet she looked napping in a sunbeam with her tongue sticking out. You Might Also Enjoy: Other Kitten Posts Warning: […]

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Work has been so, so busy, as in a no-person-should-seriously-have-to-spend-every-waking-moment-working-for-months-on-end kind of busy.  I cannot believe my last post was over a month ago.  While I haven’t been able to take (or share) a photo a day during that time, a few exciting things have happened since then: Entered (and won!!!) a Photo Contest. Got […]