Nothing proves March has arrived like basketball in Kansas City.  From the Big XII Tournament to the NAIA Tournament, you know you’re in the land where the game was invented! I was excited to see Better Half’s alma mater make it to the NAIA Tournament again this year.  Here are three shots from the tournament.  What […]

While Kansas City it home to a major league football and baseball team, we have no major league basketball team.  It hasn’t caused me to lose any sleep in the years I’ve lived here, but it was fun to accompany Better Half (who played basketball in college) to a game between the Heat and Bobcats […]

The Ranting Chef recently had a post titled “Cleaning Out the Fridge” that I wanted to use as April draws to a close.  Only, instead of pulling carrots, red bell pepper, and a head of broccoli out of the fridge to whip up an amazing Asian Peanut Stir-Fry, I’m sharing all of the photos that I […]