UPDATE: Please see updated information about Yellowstone on my new blog, Everyday Wanderer. As the National Park Service prepares to turn 100 on August 25th, America’s first national park has been a fixture in the news. Unfortunately, Yellowstone‘s coverage hasn’t been about the hundreds of animal species that roam the naturally wild 3,500 square foot […]

While we do adore Berlin, the polar bear at the Kansas City Zoo, it was fun meeting twin brothers Kiska and Koluk at the Albuquerque BioPark Zoo in New Mexico over Spring Break. One of them acted like an 800-pound pet dog, tossing a toy across the Inukshuk Bay enclosure, sliding down into the water, and retrieving it. […]

On a much warmer day than she should ever have to deal with, Berlin the polar bear tried to keep her cool at the Kansas City Zoo. You Might Also Enjoy: Other Animal Posts Other Kansas City Posts

There are few places I’d rather visit during the summer than my Beloved’s home state of Montana.  The days are sunny and warm (but not hot) and the evenings cool off to lovely light jacket temperatures.  The scenery is beautiful, and my in-laws are delightful to be around. After several months of anticipation, it was […]

This bear cub catching a fish out of a fountain stream is part of the fountain in front of the Merriam Visitors Bureau. You Might Also Enjoy: Fountains of Kansas City Fountains of Kansas City:  Romany Fountain Fountains of Kansas City:  Protector of Vineyards and Orchards