As November draws to a close, I can’t believe there is just one month left of this year’s photo project.  I almost laugh when I think back to January 2012 when I worried about being able to find the inspiration to snap a photo every day.  Instead, I am struggling to share the photos I […]

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In comparison to Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA where the suburbs are teeming with minivans, this is what the family car looks like in Amsterdam. You Might Also Enjoy: Paris:  Bicycle Giverny:  Bicycle

Almost as large and amazing as the castle are its grounds.  More than 13,000 acres of wooded park land and a game reserve surround the Chateau de Chambord, enclosed by a 20 mile wall.  I loved the sight of these bicycles propped up against a tree on the castle grounds during lunchtime. You Might Also […]