This sparrow is not as cool a bird as a pelican, swan, peacock, or owl — and the photo is a bit more grainy than it should be — but this is my first halfway decent shot of a bird in flight.  I will keep practicing…

Known for its singing, I caught this titmouse with his mouth full of food instead of tunes.  I think this image is a bit grainy, but I will keep trying!

While daddy cardinal chilled on the deck railing, momma cardinal climbed up on the rooftop of the bird feeder and posed for pictures.

My youngest daughter made a bird feeder in Daisies last week.  The girls covered pine cones in natural peanut butter then rolled them in bird seed.  It’s now hanging on a tree in our front yard, open for business.  I hope the bird that built a nest in the front yard last year will be […]