Speaking of attracting pollinators into my garden, I don’t believe this flying insect landing a sage flower is a bee but rather a type of fly called a hover fly or a flower fly. Unlike a bee, it doesn’t have a stinger.  Like a bee, it helps with pollination.  Sounds like a win/win to me!

I try not to let the plants in my herb garden flower, but I let perennial herbs in my main garden flower for the bees and butterflies.  The chive flowers are probably my favorite, and check out how much more gorgeous they look with my new camera! Compare the new photo below to this post from […]

Last year, I planted six fruit trees on the east side of our yard — one pair each of apple, cherry, and peach.  I started calling it our “orchard,” and Better Half rolls his eyes every time.  I’m so excited because the trees are mature enough this year for us to eat the fruit (rather […]

If you make it through a cold, dark, snowy, awful Midwestern winter you are treated to an amazing parade of colors and blooms come Spring.  For the past few weeks, every time I step outside, I feel my breath taken away by the beauty of the world in bloom.  These are the flowers on one of […]

From the impressionistic perspective of Monet to the field that Dorothy runs through in the Wizard of Oz, I have always loved poppies.  These perennial beauties attract birds, bees, and other helpful insects to your garden.  Here are some poppies I captured at the Scottsdale Civic Center Park.  What do you think?  Do you have […]

I love the flowers that appear on this tree in my front yard each spring.  If only we didn’t have snow flurries in our forecast for today… You Might Also Enjoy: Tulips in Bryant Park Tree Princess