Is there any bird more fascinating and gorgeous than a peacock? On Today’s Date in the Past: Tobacco Barn 17 Mile Drive:  The Lone Cypress

I couldn’t pick between these two shots of a Blue Morpho showing a hint of blue wing.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below? Unfolded Photo #1. Unfolded Photo #2. On Today’s Date in the Past: Fort Point Light, California Fort Point, California Wordless Wednesday:  Chicago Wordless Wednesday:  New York’s Finest  

This shot isn’t as clear as some of my other images of dragonflies, but I loved that you could see this one’s face. You Might Also Enjoy: More Dragonflies Dragonfly Lovely Lady Cool Flying Bug

Of all the amazing things to do and see at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, the Butterfly Pavilion was probably my favorite.  Here are three shots of what I believe is the Blue Morpho butterfly.  Do you have a favorite below? Blue Morpho Butterfly Photo #1.  Browns that blend into nature on the outside… Blue […]

When I look at the expression on this blue jay’s face… …the photo just screams snarky thought bubble. What caption would you add? You Might Also Enjoy: Bird Feeder Blue Bird in the Back Yard