On Today’s Date in the Past: Growing Under an Amazing Sky Tentative First Steps

Better Half and I sneaked out for a quick date night at a wine bar just up the street… A Year Ago Today: One Thing, Three Ways:  Along the Maas River at Night One Thing, Three Ways:  Red Toadstools You Might Also Enjoy: Livermore Valley Wine Country Aixois Brasserie

I’m not ashamed to admit that I suddenly find myself spending a lot of time on Pinterest.  Waiting for my morning coffee to finish brewing?  Pinterest.  In the waiting room at the orthodontist?  Pinterest.  Walking up the stairs at work?  Um, not yet, but it could happen! One project that caught my eye was the […]

Last week my alma mater played in the Fiesta Bowl.  Although the game turned out better for fellow photoblogger Tux over at Through My Lens 365 — since she lives in Oregon and all — I do have some fun pictures to share.  And they really don’t have anything to do with the Fiesta Bowl. My college roommate […]

While I love my country deeply, I fear that the people running the place have lost their common sense.  We live in an environment where stores mandate identification checks of everyone who purchases alcohol, even those with grey hair and wrinkles.  Our country allows young men and women to join the armed forces at the […]