Proof that my family loves me:  they all leave their lovely warm weather to travel to cold, snow infested Kansas City to spend Christmas at my house.  Adding to the fun is my sister’s mother-in-law who also joins us from the other side of the metro area.  While the grown-ups don’t exchange gifts, Ms. Myra […]

It is natural for bunnies to chew.  A lot.  One of the things that is supposed to help correct bad chewing in bunnies is a soft, covered hutch.  One site recommended building one out of a cardboard box with lots of fresh hay.  I built one for our bunny.  So far the only critter who […]

Meet Einstein.  He loves boxes.  This week he’s taken over the box that Gatorade comes in at Costco. What about you?  Do you have a favorite shot below?  Do you know a cat that loves boxes like this? Einstein Photo #1.  Einstein getting settled into the Gatorade box, sniffing in my camera’s general direction. Einstein […]