The Danish word smørrebrød loosely translates to “butter and bread” and is a classic sandwich in Denmark.  A thick slice of sour dough rye bread is spread with butter, topped with a protein (usually meat or fish), and then finished off with visually appealing accents like fresh herbs or caviar. This beauty is the shrimp and egg smørrebrød at […]

Our dinner at Lisboa à Noite in the Bairro Alto neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal, was amazing!  This area of the city developed in the second half of the 15th century in response to the social and economic growth of the region.  It is known for Portuguese-inspired cuisine, especially fish and seafood, as well as an extensive […]

Rule #14 of  The Skinny Rules is to eat a real breakfast.  Nothing seems to stick to my ribs and keep me feeling full until lunch like an egg for breakfast.  Usually I eat them hard boiled, but today I splurged and used just a touch of olive oil in a non-stick pan to make this […]