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This shot isn’t as clear as some of my other images of dragonflies, but I loved that you could see this one’s face. You Might Also Enjoy: More Dragonflies Dragonfly Lovely Lady Cool Flying Bug

On a recent walk around Lake Lenexa, I was frustrated that there wasn’t much to photograph. The water levels continue to drop due to the drought, and there is hardly a water bird to be found.  No ducks, no herons.  There wasn’t anyone fishing or boating on the lake, and a local high school cross-country […]

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While taking photos of a garden near Sar-Ko-Par Lake in Lenexa, I saw this bug on a cucumber flower.  It looks kind of like a firefly to me, but who knows what it really is? You Might Also Enjoy: Butterfly on a Coneflower in Franklin’s Children Garden on Toronto Island Babysitting Chickens One Thing, Three […]