After all of the photos from Toronto, I thought I should take things down a notch and bring you a shot of the natural beauty far away from Lake Ontario here Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA.  And what’s not to love about a yellow lady bug-looking kind of critter on a blade of grass in the evening light? You […]

Walking around Lake Lenexa, you can’t help but see dragonflies of all shapes and colors, especially in the evening.  I’m afraid I’m becoming a bit obsessed with them, but they are just so cool.  Here are a few of my favorites from a long walk around the Lake Sunday afternoon. Do you have a favorite […]

While I’m not super happy to see all of these holes in the morning glory leaves on the trellis in the back yard, I did think these beetles were pretty cool looking. You Might Also Enjoy: Grasshopper Dragonfly

While working in the garden I came across this little guy.  Thankfully he was patient enough to give me time to get several shots off.  And thankfully I garden like this. You Might Also Enjoy: Wordless Wednesday: How Shutterbug Sage Works in the Garden Lovely Lady I Went All the Way to Miami…

Fellow photoblogger, Sandy at Garden Path, recently shared a photo of something called a Calico Pennant.  It looked a lot like a flying insect I’d caught with my camera this past Friday night, only I would have called my subject simply a dragonfly.  I don’t think what I captured was the same, beautiful spotted dragonfly […]