While the rabbits hanging out in the woods behind my house boldly help themselves to all that they feel is edible, this little guy acted like he’d never seen a human before.  When I quietly worked to get as close to him as possible, instead of running, he simply hunkered down in place.

This guy has been getting into my garden and feasting on all of my spring goodies.  Hopefully the new fence, sprayed with an extra dose of invisible fence for good measure, will deter him from now on.

I couldn’t decide between these two shots of bunnies at the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert, Arizona. What do you think?  Do you have a favorite between the two?

On the last night in Phoenix, we checked out the Desert Botanical Garden just before sunset.  On the way in, we met this bunny who quickly scampered off to take shelter in some cactus.  At least he was cute compared to the desert rats we saw a bit later… You Might Also Enjoy: Other Sunset […]

We adopted this bunny from my youngest daughter’s preschool this past summer.  Her cage had been upstairs in my daughter’s room, but we recently moved her to the main level in a more central location where she’s more involved with our family.  She seems to be much happier with the new arrangement.     You […]