Calista, or Cali as we call her, is the oldest of our three cats:  Calista, Canyon, and Lucy.  She has the sweetest disposition and the most amazing green eyes.

Check out my beautiful cat, Calista, who hasn’t been included on the site in a really, really long time! On Today’s Date in the Past: Yellow Eye on You Turkish Textiles

It’s been a few months since my sweet Calista has been on the blog, so here’s a photo from earlier today when she was stretched out enjoying a sunbeam.  It was still barely 40F outside today for us humans who had to leave the house for school and work, but the cats were all set […]

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I realize I’m partial, but isn’t Calista such a pretty cat?  I just can’t help but drag out my camera and take pictures of her, even when she’s trying to nap.  Thank goodness she tolerates me! You Might Also Enjoy: Other Cali Posts Kitty by the Kaw You Know You’ve Adopted a Great Kitten When…

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My middle daughter found dog sweaters on clearance for $1.00 at Target today.  She purchased four of them for Calista and Canyon, our cats, including one in black for Cali because “black is a slimming color.”  The cats were not amused.  I think Cali’s expression says it all. You Might Also Enjoy: Sassy with a […]