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My middle daughter found dog sweaters on clearance for $1.00 at Target today.  She purchased four of them for Calista and Canyon, our cats, including one in black for Cali because “black is a slimming color.”  The cats were not amused.  I think Cali’s expression says it all. You Might Also Enjoy: Sassy with a […]

My daughter Caroline recently brought home a pink betta fish named Fabio.  (Long story, and you have to know Caroline.)  Our cat Cali couldn’t be more pleased and now spends endless hours up on the kitchen bar checking out Fabio. You Might Also Enjoy: Fishing at Sunset Evening Fish Sassy with a Touch of Photoshop […]

Calista has a new, baby brother.  Meet little Canyon who joined our family this past weekend. He’s about nine weeks old and as cute as can be.  Cali is a bit cautious around him, but interested.  Before long, I think they will be quite the pair! Canyon Kitty Photo #1.  The little guy peeks over […]

Could it be that I have gone two weeks without sharing any photos of our little Cali cat? These shots resulted in Madonna’s Vogue popping into my head… What are you looking at? Strike a pose.  Strike a pose.  Vogue.  Vogue. Beauty is where you find it. You Might Also Enjoy: Yawn! Tentative First Steps […]